Vacuum Insulation Panels(VIP) with Fumed Silica Kernels for External Wall Insulation

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    Product Description

    Vacuum insulation panels with fumed silica kernels are widely used in household appliances (refrigerators and freezers), medical refrigerators and TCP - temperature controlled packaging,construction and buildings (thermal bridges insulation, terraces, facades),window shutters’ isolation.

    As a matter of fact,the fumed silica VIP is more suitable while applied in constructions, it has higher compressive strength, very low thermal conductivity, and super insulation properties.

    A large number of research shows that in the field of construction,lifespan of fumed silica VIP can reach more than 60 years, 10 times longer than Vacuum Insulation Panels with fiberglass or microsilica kernels.

    And its thermal stability is much more durable, can really achieve the same life with the buildings. However fumed silica VIP has higher cost compare to other kernels.

    Under the premise of ensuring the same heat transfer coefficient of the external wall, the thickness of the exterior wall insulation layer with vacuum insulation panel is significantly reduced. To increase R value of the wall, doors and windows, heating systems of new buildings, some new technologies were used, for example, to use 10-15cm thick vacuum insulation panels on the external walls, roof and floor, which issandwiched in high-performance glass with inclosed window frame, so as to keep the heat inside the windows as much as possible. The energy consumption of these buildings can be reduced by four quarters compared to those of traditional insulation materials.

    Besides being a standard component of refrigerators and deep freezers, vacuum insulated panel are also used in a number of other areas, including packaging products as well as  for buildings, for example, exterior facades and floors. And cold transport trucks are also increasingly taking advantage of VIP.

    Vacuum Insulation Panels for external wall insulation.





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    The size can be tailored or standard which is shown as below: 

    Length(MM) Width(MM) Thickness(MM) Photos
    600 300 10 文档17.png
    600 400 10
    360 360 15
    420 250 15
    414 414 15
    450 450 15
    360 360 20
    399 398 20
    450 230 20
    450 450 20
    600 400 25
    457 338 25.4
    1012 457 25.4
    1490 450 15
    1422 711 20
    1429 714.5 20
    1429 210 25
    1429 225 25

    Product Details

    Place of Origin: China (Mainland) Brand Name: BJS Model Number: VIPFS-001
    Length: 100-1800mm Width: 100-800mm Thickness: 4-50mm
    Material: Aluminum foil+fumed silica Core Material: Fumed silica Surface colour: Silver
    Density: 180 to 220 kg/m3 K-Value of VIP ≤0.004 W/m.K Service life: 50 years
    Packing: Stacked packed in Carton Sample Time: 20-25days Certification:



    Size tolerance: Length/Width: ± 5mm;Thickness:0/ +1.5mm Temperature stability: 

    -50 °C to +70 °C

    (due to the film)

    Application: Building ,Thermal packaging, Appliance,Automotive

    Packaging & Delivery

    Packaging Details: Carton with air bubble film and foam and Pallet. 
    Delivery Detail: About 25-30 days after deposit
    Sample Lead Time 20-25working days 
    Order  Lead Time 25-35 working days 
    Payment Terms A:100% TT before shipment
    B: 30% deposit and  balance before shipment

    Product Description

    Vacuum Insulation Panel(VIP) is composed of core material, getter and the film.



    By creating a vacuum condition around the insulator, Vacuum insulation panels creates a perfect low thermal conductivity up to 0.004W/m.k

    Comparison of thickness between different materials with the same thermal insulation performance.


    VIP design review-Aging test of actual samples

    Aging Data Curve of actual samples tracking.


    1. The Three types of VIP samples were produced on Nov.25th, 2005.

    2. Keeping these samples in the Samples Room under the Storage Codition of 

    Room Temp: Approx 23℃ and Humidity Approx 75%.

    3. To meausure the K-factor every year as the date below, from Nov.29th, 2005 to May 09, 2015 (totally 10 years).


    Vacuum Insulation Panel Applications and Performances

    Vacuum Insulated Panels are already being used in a variety of domestic and industrial applications encompassing refrigerators and freezers, vending machines, shipping containers or insulated transportation.


    Technical Processing


    Our Workship

    Inspection Equipments


    Inspection & Quality Assurance


    Vacuum panels can be prepared in different shapes, geometry and sizes, as showed in the following pictures:


    Packaging & Shipping