Ultra Thin Vacuum Insulation Panels Used in Refrigerator and Freezer for Energy and Space Saving

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    Product Description

    In the field of refrigerators, vacuum insulation panel (VIP) has become the first choice of refrigerator manufacturers as the insulation materials, due to its excellent insulation properties and thickness.

    In the past, temperature inside the refrigerator was cooled by a compressor. In order to avoid the escape of cold air and the external heat entering while opening the refrigerator, you must frequently use the compressor, which will leads to an increase of power consumption. If Vacuum Insulation Panels were used inside the refrigerator, you can not only save energy by 10% to 30%, but also enlarge the internal volume up to 20% -30%.Besides while using Vacuum Insulation Panels it is able to keep cold inside the refrigerator, reduce the power consumption of , and make the refrigerator lighter and bigger volume. In recent years, vacuum insulation panels become more and more popular in the application of large double-door high-end energy-saving refrigerators.

    BJS Tech's GROOVED VIP: After vacuuming there will be grooves in the panel, they are designed to perfectly fit in the condenser pipes on the side door of the fridge.

    The grooves can be customized according to customer requirements, specially designed for refrigerators.

    Product Details

    Place of Origin: China (Mainland) Brand Name: BJS Model Number: VIP-001
    Length: 100-1800mm Width: 100-800mm Thickness: 10-35mm
    Material: Aluminum foil+glass fiber  Core Material: Glass fiber Surface colour: Silver
    Density: 180 to 220 kg/m3 K-Value of VIP ≤0.002 W/m.K Service life: 30 years
    Packing: Stacked  packed in Carton Sample Time: 20-25days Certification:



    Size tolerance: Length/Width: ± 5mm;Thickness:0/ +1.5mm
    Temperature stability: 

    -50 °C to +70 °C

     (due to the film)

    Application: Building ,Thermal packaging, Appliance,Automotive

    The size can be tailored or standard which is shown as below:

    Grooved Vacuum Insulation Panel Size

    Length(MM) Width(MM) Thickness(MM) Photos
    290 575 12



    300 300 5
    575 290 12
    590 290 5
    605 290 12
    660 870 10
    680 270 12
    690 346 10
    697 346 10
    710 270 12
    715 360 12
    960 190 12
    960 210 12
    993 181 12.7
    1011 169 19
    1042 210 12
    1040 230 12
    1068 426 12
    1067 200 12
    1087 188 19
    1126 318 12
    1600 660 10
    1600 870 10

    Packaging & Delivery

    Packaging Details: Carton with air bubble film and foam and Pallet. 
    Delivery Detail: About 25-30 days after deposit
    Sample Lead Time 20-25working days 
    Order  Lead Time 25-35 working days 
    Payment Terms A:100% TT before shipment
    B: 30% deposit and  balance before shipment

    Product Description

    Grooved vacuum insulation panel (VIP) used for a refrigerator. Vacuum Insulation Panel(VIP) is composed of core material, getter and the film.



    By creating a vacuum condition around the insulator, Vacuum insulation panels creates a perfect low thermal conductivity up to 0.002W/m.k

    Advantages of grooved VIP panels

    1.Compare to thermal packaging box(with VIP panels inside),the grooved VIP panels have better cost performance and less shipping cost.

    2.The thermal bridge effect is less than individual VIP panels when applied to a styrofoam box or any other boxes.

    3.Flexible shapes makes it suitable for variety of applications.

    The industry's top-class thermal insulation performance


    Comparison in thickness between materials with the same thermai insulation performance


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